During the interview, one of us may face the most fateful second of his life, especially if he is interviewing for a job or applying for membership. This article will help you to build up an idea of ​​the most important questions you can encounter during the interview and how you can overcome it. Of course, he may have these questions for you or not, but employers often measure how well you are doing these questions, even if they have formulated them in one way or another.

1. Tell us more about yourself

You have to be aware that those who interview you already have your resume in their hands, so there is no need to repeat the main details about yourself such as name, age, type, name of your school or university, etc. This is a common question that is repeated frequently, it does not have to be very long. It is certainly different from your answer to the question about “yourself” in elementary school. You only have a few seconds to know about strangers, Fascinate them with your answer, so they should be brief, graceful and draw you in the best possible way repeat yourself and just mention the facts you would like your employer to know about. Conclusion, try to submit your ID in your answer.

2. Why would you like this job?

This is your ideal opportunity because you see that you have the skill set they require. You should teach them that your knowledge and experiences will benefit the company if the job is your share, and how your expertise confirms your words. You should also tell them about your understanding of the nature of the job and its requirements. By doing this you will be sent a message that you have done your homework well and that you are already interested in this job. Do not take the emotional path and tell them how much you need this job.

3. Why should we hire you specifically?

This question is similar in one way or another to the previous question. However, you will not only be asked to talk about your skill set, but also because you are expected to show your confidence and abilities. This is a better option than the quota of applicants for this job. Tell them about your previous achievements in this area and remind them of your interest in the company and the job. Study at Aston College of Commerce and Business Administration gives you the experience and academic achievement that prepares you for success in any job interview.

4. Why did you leave your previous job?

This question needs a very careful answer. It is best not to criticize your manager or your former company because this may leave them with a hostile impression of you. Simply put, you will be convinced that you are a tongue-lashing person. You can tell them you want to look for a better chance, you can also be honest and tell them that your contract has been terminated because the company has re-established or rebuilt its management hierarchy.

5. What are your criteria for evaluating success?

If your answer contains any numbers, you will be dismissed immediately. It is said that the higher the salary you ask, the higher the degree of disapproval of interviewers. This is because your response did not show them your passion for the job, but on the contrary, I show you as a greedy person who cares only about money, even if it is through cheating on his company. Your definition of success must match your company’s definition and should not appear in the personal or which it seeks to work with. You can answer that you measure your success by your ability to accomplish the goals and the short and long-term tasks assigned to you.

6. Describe us a position / functional problem and explain to us how you can deal with it

Be professional and do not boast when you answer this question and keep away from exaggerating praise and glorifying your role in this position because your interlocutors can pay attention to this. Although there is no typical answer to this question, you can treat it in a cautious way. You want these questions to be judged on how you will behave in the future. Your encounter is a problem, and based on your judgment on your past experiences. Start with a clear explanation of the situation and the timing of it. (The solutions you provided to address the problem). Make sure your answer is positive and easy to understand.

7. How do you deal with stress and stress?

You’ll already be able to handle stress and stress so you can answer that question. Also, you cannot simply tell them how you find the pressure terrible because it has become part of most of the functions and one has to expect that he will face many stressful situations and stress during his career path. Instead, give them a positive response and tell them that you are facing a lot of design On the end of your task, but you can answer that the pressures make you work better where the greater the challenges the more efficiency you show in the performance of your work. However, the answer varies from person to person. You can also answer directly such as “I practice to deal with stressors “or” dealing with stress by sitting alone for some For a while and I analyze the issue in my head”

8. What are your strongest strengths?

This is another easy question to be asked constantly during interviews. You should talk about your advantages that will help you ensure the job you are applying to. You should not be distracted and keep talking about your strengths that are related in one way or another to the job requirements. If you are talking about a particular point of strength, it is best to have some examples to support your words.

9. What are your biggest weaknesses?

This question must be answered wisely. This will be by talking about skills that are not related to job requirements. For example, your employer will not care about your poor math skills if you are applying for an editor or you can also talk about skills that you were not good at before but you have improved them. For example, you may have been shy and introverted before but you are now more confident and want to communicate with people around you. Doing this made you turn your negative point into a positive one.

10. What are your future goals?

Is one of the most popular questions in interviews? The questioner does not care about where you are going to be literally, but he wants to measure your self-confidence, your ambition, your focus and your ability to live up, all in one question. “I’m married, I have two children On the other hand, an answer such as “I see myself as executive director of the company” can cause the same damage, but in another way, because this may put you in the form of an overly confident customer. They will immediately exclude you, and the reason is obvious.

Instead, tell them that you see yourself growing up in the company, seeing yourself and your skills have evolved as a result of your work efficiency and accomplishment of your tasks. Let them know that you are able to take on more responsibilities and deal with bigger tasks more efficiently. To add that you see yourself and have more qualifications and additional knowledge about your field. Study at American DePaul University gives you the opportunity to make your future in the next five years.

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