Five Reasons for Your Failure to Get the Job

One of the most difficult things about finding a job is not getting this job, you can apply for many jobs , many of them actually, yet you may not receive any response from them, but if you are lucky you may get a letter of refusal or Email message, if not, you will not receive any reply from the employer.

There could be a reason why you did not get a job, and sometimes it’s hard to know why you were rejected because you might be asking why you were not selected. You may receive some important notes about the reasons for your rejection that might benefit you when you apply for another job. In any case you will find that they often have logical reasons for your rejection. Now if you are struggling to find a job, take a look at this list to see if it you can avoid some of these things to increase your chances of getting the job:

1. You are not eligible to work

Were you eligible? How closely does your background match your job qualifications? In a competitive job market and candidates, this is a delicate match, because you are not very satisfied with the requirements of the job, but you do not need to be satisfied with all the skills and qualifications listed in the job description, but you must have a high percentage of them. Try to apply for jobs that suit you. And fit their qualifications.

2. Personal skills

Personal skills may be lacking, on paper your skills may seem great, the phone looks impressive, your references look very good, but face to face you are unsuccessful, because you lack social communication skills, suppress your desire to say anything that would suggest you are weak in skills Including any comments that may indicate that you are shy or that you prefer to work with the machines for working with people.

3. Your resume is poorly structured and incomplete

Does your resume show the skills and achievements of your target business? Have you added your list of previous jobs, drills, academic projects and volunteering? Coordination is also important, as well as organization. Take care to have your resume organized so that the most relevant content is near the top and can be easily found. When sorting.

4. Information is unclear

Has your request been completed? Have you provided all the information and documents required in the job application? Did you make a mistake in your request? Were all the employment dates listed in your application correct? Have you included accurate salary information? Have you left any information that should have been included? Some employers check the date of work before scheduling interviews, and this is one of the reasons why it is important to complete job applications accurately. Was your career letter oriented to the specific job requirements you applied for? Have you made it clear that you have the requisite skills, experience and knowledge to accomplish this task?

5. You are an annoying person

Applying for a job can be a concern, so if you tend to call again and again and ask questions about it, to follow up when you do not hear anything from the employer, urgency is bad. You should realize that employees and hiring managers do not have enough time to speak to each applicant, especially since they do not have time to talk to each applicant several times. There’s nothing wrong with following up on an interview, but you cannot follow it many times unless you’re specifically asked to contact, which shows you the annoying human face that employers cannot afford.

There are many reasons why you do not get to work, just avoid these things and do not put unrealistic expectations for salary, and avoid changing jobs constantly so as not to give the impression that you do not settle in one job for a long time, be prepared to meet the work, By doing what you cannot, we are happy to hear your opinions from the reality of your experiences in getting a job.

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