How to Balance Time between Your Steady Job and Your Free Job

Starting a freelance job while retaining your current job is a decision that many may find difficult to take, although having a second job is a lifesaver for many people, especially young professionals who cannot find full-time work or are working inadequately. Additional income from a second job can help you save money, pay off your loans, refine your savings account, and protect you from losing your primary source of income. If you lose one of your jobs, you will still have a portion of your income.

Some people work in two jobs, such as freelance work on the Internet as editors or software developers, for example, as language translators, and others may find between 9 and 5 boring or unfavorable jobs, so they are looking for fun ways to work while making money. In most cases, the lack of full-time employment and low hourly wages are key catalysts. Because when you cannot pay rent and you can no longer cut your spending, the second job can guarantee you this, even if you are bad at budgeting, and you cannot stop spending money because your salary is not enough, at least you can get a second job.

Here are some guidelines for balancing your time between the two functions:

1. Schedule

Set a clear timetable for a certain period, showing your plans for how to balance the two functions, deciding how successful you are and failing to see if you are on the right track. If you get used to your new business very slowly, this allows you to get used to balance, of your actual new business.

2. Give yourself a chance to train

Another option is to move to the other job immediately, but for a limited period (perhaps six months) and then review what happened at that point to see if it will continue as it is. You will certainly be busier but for a shorter period of time, during which you can freely explore your new business, see if it works or not, and whether you enjoy it or not, this option may not be possible if your daily work is unpredictable Or long hours, if you find the possibility of full transition affects both of the functions, and that it is very hard on you, then forget this proposal and take things very slowly.

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4. Decide your goals

You also have to decide what your goals are for your current business? Do you just want to stay as you did before, or do you want to upgrade? Are there other restructuring or changes to the whole thing, so you should pay more attention to it, you may want to work enough, but you want more money or income, so if you want to work, you need to be clear about your goals There are also, not just for your new business.

5. Do not give up your leisure time

Depending on what you decide to do with your business, different time and energy requirements, slow growth of work that may take longer in its practical part, in both cases you still need to truncate time, that means something else you should give up, , You may miss booking specific evenings and weekend hours. You may also have to inform family and friends that you will not be around very much in the coming period, when you have time to do things during normal business hours, lunch times and take breaks to do so, do not do your current job Quickly do not work through These breaks, but take a rest!

6. Meet friends and join support groups

Doing two jobs at once requires you to do a lot of energy and attention to the best of what you have. If you know that you are only unable to concentrate and pay attention well after a full day of work, then you have extra time before you start your extra work, Weekend So, join a group of business people or other support groups, meet your friends or go to gyms, this is the best way to keep your energy and concentration high. Keep in mind that managing your career in general is often difficult and will change from what you are used to and will change day after day. Before joining two jobs you need to find time and energy to prepare, review, read, and consult with family, colleagues and friends inside and outside. Your job

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